“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11

Care for Souls is a private practice offering sessions for spiritual direction. The sessions are scheduled calls that happen either on zoom or in person if local in the Saint John, New Brunswick area.

Who comes to Spiritual Direction?

Anybody can come to spiritual direction whose desire is to pay closer attention to God at any stage of life – whether that person is suffering from a painful event, yearning to hear from God, or needing to make a significant decision.    Here are some other examples of those who seek spiritual direction:

  • Someone who is experiencing a significant faith transition.
  • Someone who is experiencing a great loss in their life (eg: job loss, marriage breakdown or a health issue)
  • Someone who is experiencing a change in their self-perception (eg: loss of self-esteem)
  • Someone who is yearning to hear from God, to discern God’s purpose or make sense of what God is doing and why
  • Someone who needs to make a critical decision about a major life event
  • Someone who is experiencing loneliness

What happens in Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction sessions will often begin with prayer, silence, music or scripture to center both the director and client into God’s presence, open their hearts and get ready to hear from the Holy Spirit.

During the session, the Spiritual Director will invite the client to talk about what has or is happening in their life that is affecting the present. There will be open-ended questions to help the client work through an experience in God’s loving presence, a multitude of prayerful exercises and meditations on the Lord’s word.

Spiritual Direction sessions will often close in prayer. The Spiritual Director may give you a reading or an exercise to take away and will continue to pray for the directee until the next time they meet. The frequency of sessions is typically monthly but there is no hard-set rule. 

Spiritual direction is not authoritative, giving suggestions, opinions, corrective actions or therapy. The decisions the directee make are solely their responsibility. 

How much is Spiritual Direction?

The rate will be determined upon initial meeting and what is affordable to you.

If you are considering spiritual direction, or wish for a consult, please fill out our intake form.