Frank Pani, Spiritual Director

My name is Frank Pani and I study at Tyndale University. I have completed my internship qualifying me for spiritual direction in the Masters of Theological Studies program. I am also a member of the Tyndale Association of Spiritual Directors in Canada.

Spiritual direction offers you a soul-friend to help you along your journey and to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Whether you are going through a crisis, questioning your spirituality, or finding purpose, God has something to tell you. The busyness of the corporate life as business leader drove me to seek God’s grace, which has led me toward inward reflection.

I have had to re-discover ways to lean on God because of recent health issues related to stress and anxiety. I am married, have three children and love to volunteer at my church. If the Holy Spirit has led you to me, I would love to hear from you.

I am available online, or in person in Saint John, New Brunswick. Click here to book an initial consult or email me if you have any questions.